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Sculptires of Babuntz (Alexan Babayan)

Sculptires of Babuntz (Alexan Babayan)

Sculptires of Babuntz (Alexan Babayan)

Works from stone by sculptor Babuntz (Alexan Babayan)

Monuments from sculptor Babuntz (Alexan Babayan)

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Art-studio BABUNTZ ® takes orders for works made of stone, bronze, metal, wood, plaster, ceramics and other materials.
(tel. +374 91 330 364, +374 94 246 971)

All the works presented on the website can be purchased (if available) or a copy can be ordered.

We take orders for:
- - sculptures, portraits, busts, figures, khachkars (cross-stones);
- unique gifts;
- your bronze figurine;
- decorative works for Interior/Exterior;
- monumental works;
- decorative ironwork.




Khachkars (cross-stones)

Unique gifts

Your bronze figurine

Decorative works for Interior/Exterior

Monumental works

Decorative ironwork